#100HappyDays ~ Days 23 – 28

#100HappyDays ~ Days 23 – 28

It’s been a relaxing Lunar New Year. Decided to take a break and enjoy the festive season with families and friends. 😀

Day 23 – Lunar New Year Eve

It’s a tradition to have the reunion dinner with family the eve before Lunar New Year. Mum decided to keep it simple and prepared a huge pot of soup with abalone, plus other dishes.



Day 24 – First day of Lunar New Year

In Chinese tradition, red is very auspicious. Ang pows (or red packets) are given as a gesture of wishing prosperity, health and all things good. Gotten my first ang pow from Mum. There is also a tradition to place the ang pows under the pillow  for longevity of our parents.

Ang Pow (aka Red Packet)

Ang Pow (aka Red Packet)

Day 25 – Second Day of Lunar New Year

On the second day of Lunar New Year, daughters who are married will be back visiting their parents. My sisters are back of course and on top of the ang pows, I received some nice card holders and coin pouches from my second sis. Not the usual stuff that people give away during Lunar New Year, but hey, it’s a festive of giving! 😀

Gifts from Sis

Gifts from Sis

Day 26 – Third Day of Lunar New Year

This is the day when most retail malls are opened as the public holidays are over and shoppers start streaming in. So, I went shopping with Mum and sis. Bought a nice bag.

New Bag

Day 27 

Mahjong! We do not play mahjong often, only during Lunar New Year when we can have most of my siblings around the house.

Day 28

Received an unusual Lunar New Year gift when visiting a friend. A Hello Kitty toilet roll. Licenced by Sanrio. Mind you, it’s 3-ply!

Hello Kitty Toilet Roll

Hello Kitty Toilet Roll

#100HappyDays ~ Day 22

#100HappyDays ~ Day 22

2 happy things happened today.

Firstly, I have gotten a new job offer.  Most of the time when we apply for a new job, we take over where it was being left off (if we are filling in an existing position). This one that I applied for, has absolutely nothing to begin with. It is a new business entity, new brand, venturing in another sector of the industry. The product has not even been developed for marketing yet. I was pondering whether to take it on or to continue the default workflow where others have left off.

I thought, why not? Such opportunities are hard to come by. It is going to be tough. There will be obstacles. Having said that, at the same time, there will be lots to learn – lessons and experience that I will not get if I were to simply fill in an existing position. So yeah, why not?

Second thing that made me happy today: a nice dinner gathering with my friends whom I have known for over 23 years. Lunar New Year is around the corner and one of the girls made it back from overseas to celebrate before flying off again this Saturday. Great food, great catch up.

Oh, I think there is another thing that made me happy today. Dome’s cafe vienna. I am not a fan of whipped cream, but their coffee is pretty good. Will be going back for more. 🙂

Dome's Cafe Vienna

Dome’s Cafe Vienna